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SQFlash Enterprise SSD Solutions

With Advanced Security and Industrial-grade Reliability

Thriving IoT opportunities bring huge demands for data processing, with big data computing requiring not only the most powerful CPUs, but also the highest performing SSD storage. So how do we go about choosing the most secure and reliable enterprise-level  SSD solutions?

Read on to learn more about the value you get from Advantech’s SQFlash Enterprise SSD solutions.

Advantages of SQFlash Enterprise SSD Solutions

Powered by Quad-core CPU


Designed for multi-tasking, simultaneous parallel processing, and fast data transmission with high stability.

Reliable Power Management


Whether the power input is unstable or fails completely, SQFlash ensures data consistency and protects the SSD from crashes.

Complete Security Solutions


Complete security function package provides SSD monitoring, software protection, and internal data encryption.

Complete Storage Security Solutions


Many security issues can be related to the SSD directly. Advantech's SQFlash Enterprise SSD value-added security solution provides complete security functions that include software protection, data security, anti-virus, SSD access authority, and chip level internal encryption so that users can build up a highly secured intelligent system with minimum effort.

Data Security

  • Data access control through Flash Vault
  • Write protection keeps data
  • Emergency Erase for critical scenarios

S/W and H/W Protection

  • Security ID protects software intellectual property
  • AES-256 internal encryption for RAW data protection
  • Self-encryption Disk (SED) through Flash Lock

SSD Monitoring

  • S.M.A.R.T utility for checking SSD health status
  • Anti-virus support with McAfee Integrates

High Performance Powered by Quad-core CPU

Advantech not only provides SATA interfaced SSD solutions, but also PCIe solutions that provide more than 5 times
better performance than SATA-based SSDs. Also, with multi-core designs, we have on average 50% lower power consumption products compared to other PCIe SSD providers. Last but not least, we keep our 3 years longevity commitment to you that reduces the effort for system integrators frequently qualifying new version SSDs.

Sequential Performance


Random Access


Stable Performance


Reliable Power Management

SQFlash Enterprise SSD provides 2-step power management:

Step 1 Voltage Stabilizer: Ensures SSD operating power stability even if the power input is unstable

Step 2 Flush Manager: Even if the power totally fails, Flush Manager ensures valid data is only stored in Flash IC
but not DDR cache

Step 1: Voltage Stabilizer


Step 2: Flush Manager



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SQFlash Enterprise SSD Selection

SQF-S25 910S

2.5" SSD

Up to 2TB

SQF-C25 910C

U.2 SSD (SFF-8639)

PCIe III x 4
Up to 2TB

SQF-SM8 910S

M.2 2280 SSD


Up to 1TB

SQF-CM8 910C

M.2 2280 SSD

PCIe III x 4
Up to 1TB

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