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Introduction to WISE-PaaS

WISE-PaaS is an integrated IoT services platform purposely built to deliver actionable insight from the edge to the cloud.

Learn the WISE-PaaS infrastructure and services, and how the platform benefit your cloud-based solutions.                                            ff

Edge to Cloud

WISE-PaaS allows you to easily and securely connect, manage and collect massive IoT data.

Learn how your WISE-PaaS application (WISE-PaaS/SCADA, WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense, etc.) reads sensor data from an edge device, and sends the data to the WISE-PaaS services.

Data Visualization

WISE-PaaS provides a dashboard builder designed for visualizing multiple data.

Learn how WISE-PaaS/Dashboard access time-series data to monitor real-time device condition and how to visualize.


WISE-PaaS provides a rich set of industrial Internet cloud services that developers can easily integrate to build applications for various businesses in different industrial contexts.

Learn how to build and deploy applications on WISE-PaaS.

Digital Training

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Solution Ready Package (SRP)

Classroom Training


Advantech Institute provides software and hardware application courses to customers, you can enroll in related courses according to your requirements. All courses are taught by instructors with extensive experience.


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Join the WISE-PaaS Alliance

Advantech has launched the WISE-PaaS Alliance as an IoT partner program designed to connect partners, cultivate the co-creation of vertical solutions, and encourage strategic co-marketing.


Being a member of the WISE-PaaS Alliance connects partners to diverse IoT resources and provides access to various vertical IoT markets.


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