Maximizing Auto Part Productivity with Advanced Intelligent Systems

Test and Measurement Technology for Quality Assurance

Lean production emphasizes getting the right things to the right place at the right time and in the right quantity to increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) according to the three metrics of availability, performance, and quality. By using Advantech’s auto part test and measurement solutions, automobile OEMs and their suppliers can conduct inventory forecasting, ensure quality control, and accelerate their time to market.

Constructing Precise Measurement Systems


Vehicle Shock Absorber Automatic Test System

The shock absorber suspension system is a critical component of a car, and its performance directly affects the car’s handling safety and comfort. Shock absorber malfunctions can affect an automobile’s stability and also have a direct and critical impact on the active safety of the vehicle. Therefore, the operational status of the absorber is absolutely essential to driving safety.


Automobile Brake Testing System

The braking system plays a pivotal role in driving safety. Therefore, products related to braking are subjected to extremely high intensity and rigorous tests during the brake component production process in order to ensure normal function under all conditions. With advanced automobile brake detection devices as well as precision measurement and sensing technologies, automobile brake test platforms can perform brake equipment tests for a variety of vehicle types.


Tire Fatigue Performance Test System

Fatigue breakdown is the primary failure method for car wheels and is directly related to passenger safety. The bending fatigue strength is an important parameter used to describe this condition. In this case sample, the microprocessor-controlled car wheel bending fatigue automatic test system is used to achieve real time monitoring, control, and display while maintaining the stability of the bending moment during the test process.


High-Speed Data Acquisition Clutch Performance Test System

The clutch pedal is an important component within a vehicle’s transmission system and directly affects the performance of the vehicle. The industry standard QC/T 27-2004 is typically used to perform the overall function as well as clutch durability and reliability characteristic tests. However, the price for the equipment needed to perform this test is very high, because of the high data accuracy requirements and the ultra-stringent data reliability standards.


Automobile Transmission Test System

A vehicle’s actual application conditions, such as startup, idle park, low speed or high speed driving, speed increase, speed decrease, climbing, and reversing are extremely complex. They require the vehicle’s driving force and speed to change within a large range. The range of output torque and speed change produced by the piston engines that are widely adopted at present is smaller.


High-Pressure Cylinder Test for Airbag Inflation

The principle of the airbags is that when a car is involved in a collision, compressed steel gas cylinders filled with gas rapidly inflate airbags in the center of the steering wheel and the side of the dashboard to reduce and prevent injuries of the driver and passengers. A high quality automotive airbag system cannot ignore the quality of the air reservoir cylinders, because once a cylinder bursts, the force of the high velocity gas may project cylinder fragments to the surrounding areas as well as people and cause significant injuries.


Vehicle Body Control Module Test System

As automotive technologies progress, an increasingly wide range of vehicle body equipment must be controlled through the central console or the steering wheel while driving. To ensure that all equipment and dynamic performances operate normally when the vehicle is being driven, rigorous tests are required during the production phase to ensure the stability of the on/off switches as well as the actuation accuracies of the system.

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