Embedded applications are becoming ever more complex. But no matter how fast things change, the System Integrator is looking for efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate embedded hardware and software. Based on years of experience in embedded computing, Advantech has a dedicated global embedded software team to provide a range of services from Embedded BIOS, OS, to software APIs and utilities. Making use of these seamless hardware and software integration services, embedded developers can decrease design effort and project complexity, and accelerate product development.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Product Development & Deployment
  • Enhanced System Reliability & Manageability
  • Keeping Up with Current Software Innovations

How to simplify your embedded project development


Embedded BIOS

Advantech provides full-featured Embedded BIOS solutions that deliver the superior performance compatibility and functionality that System Integrators need. A variety of options and extensions let customers tailor their products to a wide range of target markets, with coreboot ready for practical usage. Secure boot options are optimized to make sure POST period before Operation System takeover is secured. Furthermore, it includes a BIOS suite for building custom firmware tools for multiple OSs, such as DMI, BIOS configurations, and modules.

Service Highlights

Multi-Layer Security

Provided are three levels of security, including solidified SPI, storage security, and boot management to protect from viruses, malware, and uncertified devices in the pre-OS environment.

Fast Boot

We continue to work with ISV, to provide Fast Boot solutions with optimized PCI-e, VGA, etc., meeting 1.5 seconds boot time, especially in certain military, medical products.

Customization Services

Featured are modularized designs and customizable mechanisms that speed up system development and make customization easy. Proven quality, rapid execution, and Industry-leading experience are the hallmarks of our consulting service.

Embedded OS

Advantech provides a full selection of Operating Systems, custom Embedded OS images, and built-in configuration utilities for our embedded platforms to facilitate system integration. Customers can choose the most suitable platforms based on their specific needs.


Service Highlights


Advantech provides a full range of Microsoft Windows Embedded OSs that are designed to run on embedded systems such as POSs, kiosks, digital signage, automotive computers, automation devices, and small-footprint, real-time, and handheld devices. We offer ready-to-use embedded OS images and a complete set of components that enable rapid proto-typing and application development.


Advantech works with a wide range of Linux partners and offers installation and verification for Yocto, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc., along with driver modification and configuration services, and general distribution consulting services. Advantech has especially cooperated with WindRiver for Pulsar Linux, a small, high- performance, commercial-grade Linux distribution to simplify and speed up your embedded and IoT development projects.


Advantech provides a series of Real-Time OS services, including RTX, QNX, Windows CE and VxWorks to deliver robust, secure, scaleable virtualization capabilities. All these services are built to fit small, smart, connected IoT devices to provide a predictable and deterministic execution pattern.

SUSI APIs (Secure, Unified, and Smart Interface)

If you are a software developer or a system integrator, you are writing applications that require direct hardware access. Unfortunately, that access is no longer available in modern operating systems. So you have to locate and study reams of specifications to write the appropriate drivers, and that is a complex and time-consuming job. To ease the burden, Advantech has created SUSI (Secure and Unified Smart interface) with user-friendly, intelligent and integrated interfaces that speed development, enhance security, and offer add-on value for Advantech platforms. With them, customers can more easily program and configure features while keeping full control of their applications.


Service Highlights

System Protection

Secure system data and protect system performance
- Data security
- Watch Dog Timer
- Thermal protection
- System throttling

Device Monitoring

Monitor and detect device data for further management
- Smart fan
- Hardware monitoring
- System information

I/O Control

Access and manage I/O for device control
- SMBus/I2C
- Backlight on/off
- Brightness

Application Extension

Access to external modules or devices for application development
- PoE
- G-sensor
- Intelligent display

IoT Translator SDK

Aiming toward fast development and deployment for IoT applications, Advantech provides a modularized SDK to help customers easily integrate their own devices on an Advantech platform. This SDK plays a role as a translator, allowing plug-in functions to connect with Advantech WISE-PaaS.

iManager 3.0: Intelligent Self-Management

To fulfill the ever-changing specialized demands of various industrial applications, Advantech designed an intelligent self-management firmware agent. iManager is a built-in solution chip with a standardized API that integrates several unique platform consolidating functions needed by embedded system integrators to help improve consistency, lighten development efforts, and speed up product time-to-market.


Service Highlights

PICMG EAPI Compliance

Following the PICMG EAPI standard for easily compatibility and fast integration.

Intelligent MCU

Integrate with EEPROM, SPI, EC, and super I/O for fast adoption.

I/O Capabilities

I/O support for diverse applications.
- CAN Bus x 2, UART x 8,
  GPIO x 16, CaseOpen, I2C x 2

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