Auto Parts Assembly Solution

Fully Equipped for Precision Production

Lean production comes in right time, right quantity, and right efficiency, which enlighten the OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) in measurable components: Availability, Performance, and Quality. With Advantech auto part OEE solution, OEM’s and their suppliers could possibly predict inventory and ensure quality control to accelerate time to market.

Realizing Auto Part OEE

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Vehicle Shock Absorber Automatic Test System

The shock absorber suspension system is a critical component of a car, and its performance directly affects the car's handling safety and comfort. This system can perform a thorough test of the damping features and power characteristics of shock absorbers, reduce the shock absorber test cycles, and improve productivity.

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Automobile Brake Detection System

The braking system plays a pivotal role in driving safety. Therefore, products related to braking are subjected to extremely intensive and rigorous tests during the brake component production process in order to ensure normal function under any conditions. This system uses a PC-BASED structure and applies data acquisition and signal processing, industrial control and automation, as well as database and computer monitoring techniques.

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Supply Chain Management in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is not only one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue, it also takes up a leading role in terms of quality expectations, product variety and process complexity. Driven by globalization and increasing customer requirements, car manufacturers are forced to offer a large range of vehicle models and options. Just for example, one single model series of a premium German automobile brand can reach 1017 possible automobile variations!

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